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Burly BoyzMoving & Storage Co.

Founded on January 21, 2009

Burly Boyz Moving has set a new standard in the aging moving industry. Customer service, honesty and quality service have been our primary goals in proving to Canada that there are movers out there you can still trust. As of 2019, we have rapidly become the best rated and most referred moving company in Canada. 

We are a A+ BBB accredited full service moving company who also offers materials, storage and packing services. Each customer’s move is unique and our movers understand the complexity of the entire moving process. Discover all our online moving resources, contact us directly or join us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information regarding moving, packing or storage services. Don’t hesitate to read our moving reviews.

Additional Services

Canada’s Moving Company
Let’s Move

Local Moving

Our trusted Burly Boyz are trained and experienced in all types of local moves. Get a quick, painless estimate today.

Long Distance Moving Company
Let’s Move

Long Distance Moving

Upfront pricing and no hidden fees. We are proven to be Canada’s most trusted choice in moving long distance.

Packing and Moving
Let’s Pack

Packing Services

Expertly trained in partial or full packing services, we are trained to make things easier for you. Visit our Online Store!

Moving and Storage
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Storage Services

Indoor, heated and secured storage. Canada’s premium choice for the safe storage of your belongings.

Apartment Movers

Moving you with ease.

Our movers are specially trained in apartment or condo moving inquiries. We treat all our moves the same, whether it be a house move or an apartment move - you’ll get the same quality Burly Boyz moving services throughout. Our movers are expertly trained in maneuvering in and around stairs or elevators. We Know exactly how to properly load an elevator or carefully move your belongings up or down stairs without damage or worry.

Apartment movers

House and Acreage Movers

Move with the Boyz.

From houses to acreages our movers are thoroughly experienced in getting your belongings moved in a safe and timely manner. Our movers have and continue to provide moving services to customers all across Canada, within provinces and long distance moving between provinces - it is our specialty. If you’re interested in having a stress free move with our movers, try our additional packing services. We can arrive at your home, pack you all up and move you to your new location in a breeze.

Canadian Movers

Office Movers

Burly Boyz Office Movers.

Burly Boyz Movers are fully trained and experienced in moving small and large offices. From a small business to large, corporate offices - we are recommended throughout Canada as the best office movers. We have successfully completed several small office moves with 2 or 3 movers, up to larger office moves with over 12 movers. Either way, we can accommodate and move anything you put in front of us.

Office Movers

Why are we the best rated Moving Company?

We try our very best to provide the most accurate estimates as possible. At the end of the day, it’s simply honest billing. Our reputation, with a 98% customer referral rate, should indicate our success in providing accurate estimates and happy customers. If you have any questions, comments or concerns - please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our specialists.

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There is no job too big or too small for our Burly Boyz movers. You put it in front of us, we’ll move it. Each move is unique and we will cater our moving services precisely around the details of your move. Our movers will ensure the safe and timely moving of all your belongings. At Burly Boyz Moving, there are no hidden fees or surcharges. All our pricing is disclosed upfront, no hidden fees - and every moving service we provide, whether it be local or long distance moving, will include disassembly and reassembly on either end, proper protection and blanketing of not only your belongings but your property, and all the labour involved on both ends of the move.