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Burly BoyzMoving & Storage Co.

Founded January 2009 in Edmonton Alberta, we started our humble beginnings with just one moving truck and a couple of guys trying to make a reputation in the moving industry based on honesty and affordability. Our goal was to prove to the public that there are honest moving companies out there that they could trust. 

As of 2019, due to our authenticity and honesty, we have become the highest rated moving company in Canada. Feel free to explore all the moving services we offer, and give us a call or e-mail us directly if you’re interested in pursuing a free and honest estimate.

Edmonton Moving Company
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Local Movers

Move with Edmonton’s Highest Rated Moving Company! FREE boxes on US! Packing and Storage services also available. Winter Pricing!

Long Distance Moving Company
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Long Distance Movers

One of Canada’s highest rated moving companies for Long Distance movers. Cross Canada or Province to Province moves are our specialty.

Edmonton’s Best Moving Company
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BC Back Haul Movers

Our long distance movers relish the challenge of driving through snow and ice through the vertical roads of the Rocky Mountains and even across the Coquihalla.

Toronto Moving Company
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Ontario Movers

Our Mississauga branch commutes frequently internally in Ontario, to Quebec and the maritimes. See why people choose us as their best moving company.

Edmonton’s Best Movers
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Apartment Movers

Let Burly Boyz Moving and Storage provide you a stress free moving experience, elevators or walk-ups and hard to reach entrances are no problem.

Edmonton Moving Materials
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Our Packing Materials

Browse our E-Shop or come on in and purchase some materials. Remember, FREE Boxes with all customers. Come see why we are the top rated moving company.

Edmonton Storage and Moving Company
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BURLY BOX Storage Services

Store your belongings inside our Burly Boxes! Indoor, heated and secured 24/7. You’ll see why we are considered a full-service moving company.

Edmonton Packing and Moving Company
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Packing and Manpower Services

Get an Estimate for additional packing services. We can also help you load or offload your own pods, trucks and containers.

Why are we the best rated Moving Company?

We try our very best to provide the most accurate estimates as possible. At the end of the day, it’s simply honest billing. Our reputation, with a 98% customer referral rate, should indicate our success in providing accurate estimates and happy customers. If you have any questions, comments or concerns - please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our specialists.

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I needed movers last minute, and they made it happen. Not only were the guys punctual, they were fast and efficient and getting the job done. They were also very kind. Highly recommend!