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Edmonton Movers
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Local Moves

At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage, we make moving simple, stress-free and extremely cost effective.

Long Distance Movers
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Long Distance Moves

Long distance moving is our specialty! Our long distance movers are extensively trained to wrap and protect furniture and load our trucks for long distance travels.

BC Back Haul Moves
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BC Back Haul Moves

Our long distance movers relish the challenge of driving through snow and ice through the vertical roads of the Rocky Mountains and even across the Coquihalla.

Ontario Movers
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Ontario Movers

Our Mississauga branch commutes frequently internally in Ontario, to Quebec and the maritimes.

How Many Boxes Will I Need To Do My Packing?

Often times, the amount of boxes required for a relocation is underestimated. Below is an indicator of approximately how many boxes you may need to pack depending on the size of your home. Please note that this may vary depending on how many possessions you have. Whole house pack indicator: One bedroom apartment: 45 boxes Three bedroom house: 125 boxes Kitchen pack indicator: Small kitchen approx.: 18 boxes Large kitchen approx.: 35 boxes

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