Are you aware of all the costs involved with a move?


Congratulations, you’re moving to a new home! Many people are not prepared or are surprised of the costs associated with a move. There is hiring movers, packing materials, hook up fees, lawyer fees, realtor fees, new items needed for the new home. A little bit of planning ahead, understanding the real costs of moving, and putting some cash aside will help reduce the number of surprises on what should be an exciting day in your life.

We’ve compiled a list of items to be on the look out for so you can budget accordingly.

Long Distance Movers1. Hiring Professional Movers

Do not skimp out on moving your prized possessions. While it may seem like movers cost more than you thought – do-it-yourself disasters and fly by night movers could end up costing you A LOT more.

Hiring professional, reputable movers ensures your valuables are being moved by trained professionals who know how to properly protect your floors with floor runners, padding ledges, wrapping all your items to prevent scratches, scrapes, and breakage. Also, reputable movers have insurance for themselves and for your items.

Do your research, there are a lot of resources out there to ensure you are hiring a trusted moving company.


Burly Boyz Moving & Storage Packing Supplies2. Moving Supplies

Using the right tools to pack your things is important. Those grocery store apple boxes do not have the durability as a regular box. A sturdy box will ensure the sides will not cave in and will protect the contents.

Invest in good quality boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper! I cannot say enough about protecting the contents with lots of paper and bubble wrap. Fill up the box enough that you are not having to force the box to close and if there is a little extra room, use paper to add as a cushion around the corners and sides as well as the top. This ensures the box does not cave in when other boxes are put on top of it.

Another great idea are reusable moving boxes. They may seem expensive at the time, but you can rent them, get free delivery, and pick up, and not have to worry about breaking them down and taking them to recycling or storing them. At Burly Boyz Moving and Storage we have our Burly Boxes that come with a cart so you can pack, roll to other rooms in your house.

3. Moving Insurance

We all know accidents can happen. Most moving companies have basic insurance; however, you can get the added protection. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of items that are made of particle board, these will not be covered by most companies under any insurance plan.

Burly Boyz Moving & Storage4. Renting/Storage

You have got the movers booked and the closing of your new home gets pushed back a day or two, or you cannot get the keys to the house. This usually means renting a storage unit or keeping your items on the moving truck overnight.

Some moving companies have storage facilities which make it easier for your movers to unload your items safely and securely in their storage units and then deliver to your home on the date you need. These costs can vary. If it is just overnight, the company will keep your possessions locked safely in the truck overnight for a fee ranging up to $300.

5. Boarding Pets

Packing isn’t only stressful on us humans, but also for our pets. During the packing and loading process, they could get in the way or escape through the front door. For the safety of your animals and your movers, board your pet for the day. Boarding fees can vary between $20 to $40 per day. To board your pet, you will have to ensure their vaccinations are up to date.

National Moving Month6. New Items For The House

If you are moving long distance most movers will not be able to move flammable or combustible items, which means you will have to get another propane tank, cleaners, etc.

Another thing movers cannot move are perishable items. Include some extra budget to restock your refrigerator.

You may also want to buy some new items that you may not have like curtains, lighting, or new appliances.

7. Utility Hookups

There are costs associated with transferring your phone, internet, and cable service. Certain services charge a labour or hook up fee when sending a rep out to your new home to connect your new utilities.

8. Unexpected Hotel Stays

If the closing dates on your old and new home don’t match up, you may require a place to stay for the night for you and your family until your new home is ready. Depending on the timing of the move is a consideration as well. If the move goes late, maybe staying overnight at a hotel would help alleviate the stress of putting the beds together. You can wake up in the morning fresh and tackle the unpacking of your things.

9. Cost to Move Specialty Items

Heavy, large, fragile pieces may require at little more time, care, and attention not to mention space in the moving truck.

  • Canoes
  • Trampolines
  • Pianos
  • Pool Tables, etc.

Some companies do charge an additional fee for these. Check with your moving company in advance.

10. Tips For Movers

Finally, set a little extra aside to tip your movers. They are doing a lot of hard work and heavy lifting and deserve to be compensated accordingly. A good rule of thumb is $20 to $25 per person for a half day, $40 to $50 for a full day, and a little extra if they’re dealing with many stairs or extremely heavy furniture.





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