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Burly Boyz Moving & Storage Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to hire movers?

It really all depends on your situation. Summer is generally the busiest, with rates a little bit higher than winter. Also, summer has better weather which is ideal for moving. However, circumstances are different for each person – the best time to hire movers is when you need them.

How far in advance should I contact a moving company?

Burly Boyz Moving & Storage always suggests at least a month in advance. Most importantly, when you have a moving date or dates in mind – whether it be a month or two months in advance, always begin contacting movers as soon as you are ready to hire them. If you book in advance, you can reserve your movers for that day, guaranteeing availability. Often times, if you book early enough (IE: book a move in winter for a move in spring or summer) we will generally honor the rates at the time of booking!

How do estimates work?

An estimate is an educated guess as to how long your move should take (for local moves) since they are hourly. Also, how much your belongings may weigh (for long distance moves). The customer will give as much information regarding their move as they can, such as: inventory of furniture and items, potential box counts, and access at either location. Our experienced estimators will do their best to not only estimate the amount of time, but give you a little extra time or buffer. If they finish sooner than estimated, or you weigh less than anticipated, we simply bill less than you were estimated!

We can do estimates via phone, e-mail, Facebook messenger, Facetime, and of course in person as requested.

What about insurance and WCB?

Our movers are fully insured with WCB. For your belongings, each move has a very basic insurance included. On the date of your move, we will offer you a premium insurance plan. Sometimes, customers will already have insurance for belongings while moving or in transit – always check with your insurance company, credit cards or any other premium services you may have. If all fails, we will provide you a full replacement value insurance at a very low cost. Otherwise, a basic insurance is always included in the price of each move.

How long does moving take?

This is a good question with many variables. It all depends on how many belongings you have as well as what access is like at either end. For example, a standard ‘3 bedroom’ can take 3 movers anywhere from 4 to 7 hours depending on item ownership. The movers will always spend their first portion of time providing blanketing and protection to all your goods before loading, including placing runners and mats on the walk-ways. For long distance moves, depending where or how far you are going – the wait can be anywhere from a day or two, to a few weeks. Your estimator will give you very precise expectations regarding the length of your move.

How much will my move cost?

This is another good question with many variables. Standard local moves are simply hourly – in fact we bill incrementally (every 15 minutes) ensuring you will only ever be billed what was worked. For long distance moves which are determined by weight, again, it depends on how much you weigh and how far you are going. Your estimators will be able to provide you accurate cost expectations for your move, since each move is unique – we treat them all differently.

How do I pay for the moving services?

Generally we require a deposit to reserve your truck and movers. This deposit is then fully applied to your move. Once the move is over, we take all forms of payment – debit, credit, cash and even E-Transfer. For long distance moves, the same deposit requirements apply – but in this case we require 50% of the deposit on the date of pickup, and the remaining on delivery.

How do we know you are reputable?

According to Google we are one of the highest rated moving companies in Canada. These reviews from all across the web, including Facebook and other moving review sites come from customers just like you. Much like any other type of service, we are constantly scrutinized by the public in the quality of our service. We strive to always be our best and do things differently to stay ahead of competition. We are also A+ with the Better Business Bureau over 10 years of business and rated Top 3 and Top 5 moving companies all across the web. Do your research, whether you decide to use Burly Boyz Moving & Storage or not, as some companies might have unbeatable prices – however they are rated F with the Better Business Bureau and a very poor reputation. You can find this information with a simple Google search on each company.

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