Downsizing, renovating, or needing a temporary storage space in between moves?


A little planning and coordinating can make a huge difference when you’re moving into storage. Deciding whether or not you need help, choosing indoor vs outdoor storage facility and the size of unit really depends on your needs.

Let’s take a look at some options to hopefully help you understand what the right fit if for you.


Hiring Movers vs Moving Yourself

Most consumers think renting a truck and loading/unloading is a simple solution. But do you have the time, muscle, and help you need?

A lot of moving companies have full-service storage. Choosing this option, you have the brawn to pick up your things, move into a storage unit and deliver when you’re ready. In addition, most moving companies offer discounted pricing for booking the move and storage at the same time.

If hiring movers, consider timeliness and flexibility of the move date. Hiring movers in the summer on a weekend can be very expensive. That’s typically the busiest time of the year, consider a weekday vs weekend.

Hiring movers or not, ensure that you’re packing your belongings carefully. Label your boxes because after a few weeks or months of storage, are you really going to remember what’s in each box?


Self-Storage vs Storage Facility

There are a few options of storage facilities to choose from. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Self-Storage is a great option if you have a small number of items, flexibility to drop off more items from time to time, or if you need easy access to items in your storage unit.       





Burly Boyz Moving & Storage

Full-Service Storage are not accessible to the public. Movers unload your items from the truck and load directly into a wooden crate.

When moving into any storage unit, ensure that the facility has insurance coverage as part of your contract or if extra insurance is required. Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover some of your goods.





Indoor vs Outdoor Storage

Elements can be a factor depending on what you’re storing or the duration. If your items will be in storage for a long time, or are sensitive to heat or the cold (ie keepsakes, photographs, tables or items made from wood for example), an indoor storage facility is the right choice. These facilities are climate-controlled and secured.

Size or Multiple Units

The key to deciding what size of storage unit you need is to take an inventory of your items and measure them. Another thing to consider is if you’ll need accessibility to move around the unit or access to add additional items.


Plan on Moving Soon?

At Burly Boyz Moving & Storage, we have a 12,000 sq ft warm, dry and secure indoor storage facility and the brawn! Our high-tech temperature control and HVAC system will ensure your belongings are stored in all the right conditions.

Local or long distance moves, the Burly Boyz have you covered. Packing, storage, and don’t forget, if you need moving boxes, we’ve got them too!

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