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5 Excellent Moving Company Tips

Posted by Admin on January 16, 2020

Thinking Of Hiring a Professional Moving Company? Here are 5 Tips for a Smooth Move.

If you’ve never used a professional moving company before, you are in for a treat. Professional movers are trained not only in customer satisfaction, but in moving furniture efficiently and carefully to avoid damage, which may actually save you from having to replace costly furniture. While the movers will gladly disassemble and reassemble items for you, there are also other ways you can prepare for their arrival. 

Here are our top 5 moving tips!

Communicate: Prior to your move, ensure that your moving company is aware of any overweight items such as appliances or pianos. This not only allows a chance to set correct time expectations but also lets the movers know to bring proper equipment.

Purge: Moving is the perfect time to go through your belongings and decide what you want to keep and what items you can do without. If the weather permits try holding a yard sale or you can simply sort and donate gently used items to your local Goodwill. Also take this opportunity to recycle any used magazines and shred old documents.

Clear the way: You can prepare by removing any railings that may hinder the smooth movement of furniture up or down stairs. Just be sure not to remove anything that could create a safety hazard. Make sure there is a clear path to and from every room in your home.

Cut the trip short: Try to bring as many of your belongings to one central location in the home. That way the movers can easily grab items and load them onto the truck. This location should be a room on the ground level of the home, or even the garage. This will save time, which in turn will save you money.

Easy out: Any debris outside can slow the movers, cause injuries and possibly damage your items. Make sure all cars are parked on the street so the movers can pull the truck right up to your home or business and get as close as possible to the exit.

Remember! Always do your best research when comparing costs. Ensure that each moving company you contact has A+ ratings with the BBB and amazing Google reviews.

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