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Moving During COVID-19

Posted by Admin on April 3, 2020

Are you concerned about moving during COVID-19?

Here are some steps we can all take together for a clean, efficient move surrounding this pandemic.

You will have some responsibilities as a customer which include:

- Distancing yourself from movers and keeping common areas clear of debris.
- Having not traveled outside of the country within 14 days of your move.
- Have surfaces cleaned and wiped.

In turn, our commitment during this time will include the following:

- Team sizes will be efficiently scheduled.
- Constant sanitizing techniques prior, during and after each move.
- Removing any staff from the schedule who have traveled recently.
- Trucks pre-loaded with wipes, soap, gloves and proper PPE.
- Situational awareness regarding distancing.

As a business who is considered operational and essential during this pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to do our part in limiting any spread of COVID-19. Customers don’t always have an option to move themselves or postpone their relocations, so moving companies provide an essential service during this time.

We are doing everything we can do help educate our customers and give you peace of mind for your move during this time. We all have some responsibility during this time and appreciate all our customers working together with us to ensure a clean, safe and responsible move.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly – send us an e-mail, text or give us a call if you have any further questions regarding using a moving company during the COVID-19 situation.

Thank you,

Burly Boyz Moving & Storage


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